I literally laugh whenever a pro cap acts like they’re on a high horse because “SeaWorld is going to donate to help the Southern Residents! What have anti caps done except blog?!?!?”

1. SeaWorld helped decimate this population with their disgusting captures.
2. SeaWorld then decided to….well….do nothing about it. For a long time. Until they started getting bad publicity and a drop in attendance.
3. SeaWorld has no problem importing wild belugas or importing cetaceans from Japan (and we all know what happens in Taiji by now).

So please shut the fuck up because SeaWorld is nothing more than a business that does whatever it has to do to make money. They are not doing ANY of this because they want to. They’re doing it in a desperate attempt to get the public back on their side. If you believe otherwise, you are a truly pathetic individual.

(via emptythetanks)